Our History

Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia is a law firm founded in 1984 in the city of Blumenau, in the state of Santa Catarina, in Southern Brazil. It operates in Brazil and abroad in judicial and extrajudicial matters, especially in Corporate Law, Medical and Healthcare Law, Sports Law, Tax Law, Labor Law, among other practice areas.
Since 1987, new partners and associates joined Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia.
In the year 2000, the firm adopted rules for management excellence and started to use strategic planning, budget, career and salary plan, internal bylaws and legal writing manuals with the assistance of the best consulting services in Brazil. In that same year, Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia also opened an office in Florianópolis, the state capital.
It relies on approximately 30 professionals with a solid background, who are engaged in a continuous process of improvement, participation in an internal Center for Legal Studies, preparation of new theses, production of books and scientific papers, as well as studying in postgraduate, masters and doctorate programs with international recognition.
The team is composed of three generations of professionals,

which allows a synergy between the experience and solid knowledge of the more seasoned professionals and the dynamic spirit of the younger ones, adopting at the same time a rigorous selection process of paralegals, who are motivated to remain in the firm as their careers advance.
Our lawyers and other professionals master foreign languages such as English, Spanish, Italian and Russian.
In addition, Nemetz & Kuhnen Advocacia has a strong presence on social media.
Environmental engagement, with the use of recyclable materials, waste recycling and neutralization of carbon in its activities (having been the first law firm to adopt such a practice in Brazil).
Social engagement, adopting pro bono practices in the communities where it is located.
The firm sends a biweekly electronic newsletter to its subscribers and has a website that is updated daily with news and scientific material produced by its team.
It also holds cultural and scientific community-wide events called “Encontros N&K” (“N&K Meetings”).


To protect people with trust and reliability.”.


  • Commitment to life;
  • Act scientifically, plurally, innovatively, dynamically, globally and synergistically;
  • Practice of law as a mission of social interest;
  • Act with competence, ethics and leadership in the Law field, always seeking what is fair;
  • Act in an environment of trust, providing clients with reliability and full satisfaction of their aspirations;
  • Avoid litigation by performing mediation; and
  • Provide a continuous and solid professional career to our team.

Our Structure

  • Blumenau Office: Rua Dr. Amadeu da luz, 100, 10° andar centro, Blumenau/SC – CEP 89010-910, +55 (47) 3321-6529
  • Florianópolis Office: Av. Mauro Ramos, 1970, Sala 713, centro, Florianópolis/SC – CEP 88020-304, +55 (48) 3225-5983