Área de atuação

Medical and Health Law

We are pioneers and a national reference in Medical and Health Law, with extensive experience in protecting the legal interests of companies, institutions, and professionals who work in the health sector in Brazil and abroad.

Notably hospitals, clinics, laboratories, telemedicine companies, robotics, software and hardware, suppliers of inputs and equipment.

We provide advisory, consulting, and legal opinions.

We plan and implement the structuring and restructuring of businesses in the medical hospital area.

We represent clients in legal, administrative and ethical proceedings.

We have an outstanding program of risk management in the health area that involves relations with consumers, suppliers, tax, corporate, labor and inspection agencies.

We structure mergers, splits, incorporations, and acquisitions of companies that operate in the healthcare area.

We elaborate legal auditing and valuation processes in the medical and health sector.

We organize the regularization and validation of scientific research for therapeutic and technological innovations.

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