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The Tax Department vs. Taxpayer relationship in Brazil and in the world is surrounded by discussions and uncertainties, which require technical and practical knowledge in tax law. Therefore, Nemetz, Kuhnen, Dalmarco & Pamplona Novaes Advocacia provides a Tax Law Center with a wide performance in issues related to national and international taxation, either in planning measures or in administrative and judicial claims, specifically:

– Tax planning for individuals and companies;

– Acting in tax litigation;

-Diligencies and defenses in tax administrative litigation;

– Planning and implementation of tax strategies for advantageous taxation and tax avoidance;

– Acting with the Tax Authorities for the execution of transaction agreements; compensations and adherence to tax reduction programs;

– Management of liabilities, hidden liabilities and risk measurement;

– Preparation and review of legal opinions on national and international taxation for individuals and corporations.

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