Área de atuação

Zoo Law

NKD&PN is specialized in Zoo Law, also known as Animal Law in the civil, criminal and administrative spheres. Specifically:

Contractual analysis mainly for purchasing and selling Animals;

Analysis and planning of documentation for importation and exportation of animals, semen and embryos;

Planning and tax adequacy for import and export of animals, semen and embryos;

Ethical-legal risk management according to the activity related to animal trade;

Analysis of insurance, transportation and other contracts for animal imports and exports;

Consulting, preventive and contentious for Veterinarians and professionals of the area;

Enterprise planning elaboration, tributary, labor, societary, consumerist relations and others for Veterinarians, Hospitals and Clinics and Consultancies;

Guidance in the fulfillment of requirements not only from national as well as international inspection organs;

Acting in judicial and administrative processes that deal with Zoo Law or Animal Law;

Elaboration of studies, opinions, consultations and orientations related to Zoo Law or Animal Law;

Advice and legal follow-up in relations involving athletes as well as entities that perform sports involving animals;

Advice and legal follow-up on obtaining authorization for people with visual impairment and others established by law to be accompanied by a guide dog;

Legal advice to prepare the legal adequacy for holding animal auctions.

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